Auto Discovery

Maestro Server - Create connection

To setup new connections in auto-discovery:

  • Create datacenters (select all regions with you like to discovery)
  • Create a connection - Select previous datacenters created and regions
  • Pass aws key and secret - Maestro need only a readyonly permission, the best pratice is, create a specific key for maestro

1 - Create datacenters

2 - Create connection - Go inventory > connections.

Maestro Server - Connections

Create a iam key with read only permission.

Access connection

In version 0.1, we have two providers:


  • Permission error

    If through Unauthorized error, you need to grant ready only permission, in AWS you need to create IAM and grant these permissions.

  • Infinitive process loading

    Its common problem, Maestro needs two services to execute a successful synchronize, Discovery APP and RabbitMQ, normally when discovery app is down, we have infinite process message (because server app notify to start a process, and discovery app need to finish with Success process). Guarantees if discovery app up and running and if it’s connected correctly with rabbitmq.

For debbug, use stdout docker, like

docker-compose logs discovery-maestro
# or
docker-compose logs discovery-celery